The flow of data as it is compiled, entered, validated, and transferred is conceptualized as shown here.  To further provide a quality assurance trail the WRDB employs a procedure call database batch tracking. The quality assurance aspects of database tracking are most beneficial when dealing with field and laboratory data–the flow of these types of data through the WRDB is illustrated in below. The key fields in the TRACKING database table are:

· Working Database Name–the filename of the Working water resources database table

· Description of Data–a general description of the overall batch of data to be stored in the Working table

· Source of Data–who collected or distributed this data? 

· Working Table Creation Date and Initials–when was the Temporary file created and who created it?

· Validation Date and Initials–when were the data validated and who did it?

· Transfer Date and Initials–when were the data transferred to the Master file and who did it?

· Master Table Name–once the working data are transferred, this field contains the name of the Master table they were transferred to; when recording file import operations, this field is used to record the name of the transfer file

· Quality Code and Quality Information–a one character code and separate description used to characterize the overall quality of this batch of data and make comments regarding its expected accuracy and reliability

Because each record in the Master file is linked to the tracking table, it is possible to isolate data sources at any time.