You can download WRDB 4.5 components using links on this page. A revision history list of enhancements can be found by clicking here.


The WRDB system was developed using Corel Paradox 9 Runtime, Visual Basic 6.0, and InstallShield. The Corel Paradox Runtime 9 installation file contains the core set of runtime library files needed by WRDB. The self-extracting installation files have been separated into multiple components so you can update only those components necessary.


Install files have been separated to facilitate fast installation across the internet during the WRDB development cycle. Some install files (like Paradox Runtime) will rarely if ever change, and only need to be installed once. Others (like the WRDB program) may change more frequently; you only need to download the files which have been updated.


When you click on the links below, you will get a dialog asking you to Save or Open. It is safe to “Open” the file, which will download it to a temporary directory and begin the installation. See also Troubleshooting and Other Available Datasets.


Note that WRDB 4.5 can be installed without disrupting earlier versions of the program.

Other Download Items

Installation Item

File Size

Last Updated


Paradox 9 Runtime

17.2 Mb


Includes all patches; need not install if already have WRDB 4.x

WRDB 4.503 Program

30.7 Mb


WRDB 4.5 application, not including Paradox 9 Runtime.

Download Item

File Size

Last Updated


BDE 5.11 Update

11.3 Mb


Update to Borland Database Engine used by Paradox . This update should be installed after setting up Paradox 9.0 and theoretically will speed up queries. Significant improvements have not been noted for WRDB so the download is optional.

PCS Data for Georgia

19.3 Mb


This zip file contains all project files including two Master files which contain NPDES permit limits and PCS DMR data for the state of Georgia.

GIS Files

26.6 Mb


These are some files related to the improved WRDB GIS component. The download consists of a Region 4 basemap and several ArcView themes (which can now be displayed by WRDB). The latest Georgia “Reach305.*” files showing 305(b) reaches are also included.

WRDB Users Guide

2.3 Mb


The Users Manual is available in Microsoft Word format. It consists of several files stored in a self-extracting executable file. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can obtain a Word viewer from Microsoft. Please note that WRDB is a work in progress and the Users Guide may not address all recent enhancements to the software.

WRDB 4.1 Addendum

295 Kb


Additional documentation for WRDB 4.1.